Camel Artist Acrylic Colours 9ml – 24 Shades + 1 Shade

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Product Code : 0899758

Number of Shades : 25 

  • Camel Artist Acrylic Colours are soft, creamy and a golden mean between water colours and oil colours.
  • They can be used directly from the tube, mixed with an acrylic medium or with water
  • Relief texture can be obtained by the application of thick paint with a palette knife and large areas can be built up without any fear of cracking.
  • Acrylic Colours adhere to great variety of surfaces like canvas, wood and earthenware.
  • Non – Toxic

Net Quantity : 29N

  1. 24N Acrylic Colour Tubes (Assorted Shades) of 9ml each
  2. 1N Acrylic Gel medium Tube of 20ml
  3. 1N Acrylic Retarder Tube of 20ml
  4. 1N Acrylic Colour (Titanium White) Tube of 20ml
  5. 1N Artist Round Brush Number 4 
  6. 1N Artist Flat Brush Number 4

Made in INDIA