Lyra Rembrandt Sanguine Pencil – DRY

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Highlight your masterpieces with Rembrandt Sanguine pencils.

  • Used for artistic drawing or monochrome drawing. A monochrome artwork is one that includes only one colour.
  • You can blur and blend the marks on the paper using either a smudge stick or your fingers.
  • It is made from iron oxides and clays combined using natural binders.
  • It is used in artistic drawing to create works of art and sketches.
  • It blends perfectly thanks to the fine milling of the pigments which penetrate into the fibers of the paper in a uniform and even manner, starting from the full, dark and saturated tone to reach a light reddish and transparent shade.
  • Use of fixative is recommended.

Size : 175mm (Length of the Pencil)

Contents : 1N Pencil

Made in Germany