Koi Water Brush Round #8 Large

270 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Self Moistening Art Brush

Product Code : XQR-L

Koi Water Brush, Round Large Nib, Short Tank

Tank Size : 4ml

Tip Size : No.8, Large, 17mm

Tip Material : Synthetic Bristles (Nylon Fibers)

  • Koi Water Brushes are designed for easy transportation and storage of water when you’re away from home or the studio.
  • The brush separates into two parts: a fine flexible brush tip, and a barrel handle with a plug to carry water.
  • The comfortable grip is great for controlled blending, shading, and highlighting.
  • Ideal tool for Illustration, comics, Calligraphy, lettering, Handmade cards and craft projects, Studio and remote use, Mixed media layering, Background washes.

Product Size : 122mm

Made in China