Faber-Castell White Board Marker Pen – Red

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Product Code : 350121

Ink Colour : RED

  • Refillable whiteboard marker with exceptional ink darkness & 2.5mm line width making the text on whiteboard so visible & clear.
  • Durable bullet nib that can last for multiple refills. Convenient refilling system.
  • Easy to wipe even after a week.
  • For better performance, always store the markers horizontally or place the marker tip down position for one hour before writing.
  • Broad line of width 2.5mm
  • Vibrant enduring colour intensity for easy visibility
  • Optimum barrel for comfortable writing 
  • Suitable for use in Offices, schools, coaching institutes and home.
  • Easy dry wipe
  • Xylene and toluene free

Country of Origin INDIA