ADD Gel GK 1.3mm Bold Mechanical Pencil with Leads

20 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Product Code : GK 1.3mm


  • Helps in improving handwriting
  • Ideal for students and professionals for use in school, offices or at home.
  • Thick 1.3mm lead is helpful in reducing the frequency of lead breakage.
  • A very useful and a reliable tool for drawing, sketching and marking.
  • No need of Sharpening
  • Thick Barrel can hold more number of leads compared to other ordinary pencils.
  • Accompanied with an eraser on tip for neat and clean erasing.
  • Easy to refill.

Material : Plastic 

Colour : Black

Size : 147mm (Length of the Pencil)

Contents : 1 Mechanical Pencil + 1 Lead Box 

Country of Origin INDIA